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Bryce Canyon - 2019

Spring Break visit to Bryce Canyon

Moscow - 2011

Lara and Chris spent and afternoon in Moscow after their trip to the Bryansk orphanage.

London - 2001

Living in Washington D.C. provided us with an opportunity to take a long weekend visit to London in March of 2001.

France - 2001

In October of 2001, we spent a week in France. We primarily stayed in Paris, with side trips to Versailles and Normandy.

Germany - 2002

Along with a few friends, we blew off some steam with a trip to Munich for Octoberfest. While there, we also visited Neuschwanstien castle, Garmisch and the Zugspitze, Dachau, and Rothenberg.

Honeymoon - 2003

Pictures from our Honeymoon in Great Britain, June 2003. This trip originated in London, but we spent most of our time in Scotland and northern England\'s lake country.

Napa - 2004

Pictures from our 4th annual Napa trip.

Big Island - 2005

In September 2005, Lara and Chris joined their friend Russ for a week on the big island of Hawaii.

Napa - 2006

We\'re off again on our annual Napa Valley trip. This time, we\'re joined by our friends John and Carolyn Benyshek.

Alaska - 2006

We joined the Phillips family on a mini-driving tour of Alaska in June 2006 to celebrate Dave\'s 60th birthday.

Okoboji 2014

Family vacation in Lakefield and Okoboji

Zion - 2019

Spring Break visit to Zion National Park

Glenwood Springs 2015

Pictures from 2015 fall break in Glenwood Springs

Galveston 2016

Fall Break 2016 in Galveston, Texas

Minnesota - 2017

A trip to Lakefield and Alexandria Minnesota for the 4th of July

Galveston - 2017

Fall break trip to Galveston with the Pipers, Eberharts, and Grandma and Grandpa Waters

Big Island - 2018

We took the family to Hawaii for Spring Break 2018. This gallery shows the adventures from all around the big island.

Arches National Park - 2019

Spring break in Arches National Park

Canyonlands - 2019

Spring break visit to Canyonlands National Park

Grand Canyon - 2019

Spring Break visit to Grand Canyon National Park

Italy - 2000

In November of 2000, Lara and I spent 2 weeks rambling around Italy. We stuck to the cities and trains, visiting Milan, Florence, Pisa, Rome and Venice.


Stout Creek - 2006

We camped along Stout Creek in the Sangre de Christos Wilderness Area in August of 2006

Collegiate Peaks - 2006

We hiked up the North Cottonwood Creek drainage in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness area west of Buena Vista in August 2006

Mount Zirkel - 2006

Lara and Chris went backpacking near West Fork Lake in northern Colorado\'s Mount Zirkel Wilderness area.

Brush Creek Lakes - 2003

Lara and I backpacked up to the Brush Creek Lakes in the Sangre de Cristo wilerness area west of Pueblo in August of 2003.

Holy Cross - 2003

Lara and I, along with our friends Jim, Danny, Dave, and Jeff, hiked up the Fall Creek drainage in the Holy Cross wilderness area near Vail.