One More Day at the Beach

We spent our last couple of days in more typical Hawaii vacation fashion – lots of time at the beach, and a little more at the pool. The sunburns are still blazing, but what are you going to do? We got pretty attached to Hapuna Beach. It’s a beautiful (although quite popular) white sand beach […] . . . → Read More: One More Day at the Beach

Rain, Wind and Volcanoes

Today did not go at all as planned. It started out well enough. We got up early and made the drive around the north side of the island on our way to Hilo. The closer we got, the worse the weather became. By the time we got to Hilo, we knew our much hoped for […] . . . → Read More: Rain, Wind and Volcanoes

First Day on the Big Island

We technically arrived in Kona yesterday afternoon, but all we managed to do was check into the hotel, get some dinner, and do a little exploring around the sprawl of the Hilton grounds in Waikoloa. Body clocks were still askew, so we woke up this morning around 5:00, which gave us just a little time […] . . . → Read More: First Day on the Big Island

Galveston 2017

We went back to Galveston for this year’s fall break. This time we were joined by the Pipers and the Eberharts, in addition to Grandpa and Grandma. We used the same beach house as last year as our base. The first day was in the 90’s and full of sun. We spent most of the […] . . . → Read More: Galveston 2017

Fall Break in Galveston

Douglas County insists that kids don’t go more than 2 months in school without a some time off, which means we have a week-long Fall Break as well. This year we went to Galveston to see Grandpa Ashley and Grandma Barb, spend some time on another beach, and relive some of my childhood memories with […] . . . → Read More: Fall Break in Galveston

Spring Break 2015

It’s becoming a tradition that we travel to Pensacola to visit Great Grandpa Red for our spring and fall breaks. Once again we had a condo on the beach at Perdido Key. The weather was beautiful. The water was a tad on the cool side, and generally a bit choppy, but that just presented the […] . . . → Read More: Spring Break 2015

Pensacola Fall Break

With a week off for fall break, we decided to take the boys back to Pensacola for another visit with Great-Grandpa Red and a few days of beach time. The trip started off a little shaky. Some major storms passed through the panhandle the first night. We could hardly find the condo, and when we […] . . . → Read More: Pensacola Fall Break

Spring Break in Pensacola

We took advantage of the second week of the boys Spring Break to fly down to Pensacola to visit Great-Grandpa Red, as well as Grandpa Dave, Grandma Kathy, and Uncle Andrew. After flying into New Orleans and making the 3.5 hour drive to Pensacola, we just had time for a quick visit with Great-Grandpa Red […] . . . → Read More: Spring Break in Pensacola